4 Traditional Wedding Venues in Sacramento

1. Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood

I have mentioned Sterling Hotel in my previous post (6 Urban Wedding Venues in Sacramento) because of its location, but the inside creates a beautifully traditional aesthetic for any bride.

2. The Vizcaya

Vizcaya is one of the IT wedding venues in Sacramento, and for good reasons. From the beautifully lit bridal suit to the outdoor ceremony area and indoor reception hall.

3. Sequoia Mansion by Wedgewood

Sequoia Mansion provides a traditional wedding feel with a hint of rustic allure. The venue provides indoor and outdoor ceremony options, but my favorite is the indoor ceremony room because of its large windows that allows tons of natural light in during the late afternoon hours.

4. Monte Verde Inn

There are multiple reasons why I love this venue! No matter what time of day you have your wedding ceremony, their outdoor ceremony location is covered in shade to provide beautiful even lighting for your photos. The rooms provide awesome backdrops for prep photos! And there is even a super cute room that looks like a mini ballroom!

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I am a Sacramento journalistic wedding photographer.

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