6 Urban Wedding Venues in Sacramento

1. Union Lounge in Old Town Sacramento – 1028 2nd St Sacramento, Ca 95814

Union Lounge is one of my favorite venues in Sacramento. Not only is it in the middle of a prime location (Old Town), but the inside is modern, dark, and moody (but in a super cool way). Union Lounge is a location for the bride and groom who are looking for something different, but still romantic.

2. Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood – 1300 H St, Sacramento, Ca 95814

Sterling is also one of my favorite wedding venues. It is right up there with Union Lounge. What I love most about Sterling is that the inside has a traditional wedding atmosphere, but outside is all urban Sacramento. Also, one building down is a great mural by Bamr for the bride and groom to take some great portraits in front of.

3. The Firehouse – 1112 2nd Street, Sacramento, Ca 95814

You can’t deny that The Firehouse has some great food, but did you know they also hold beautiful weddings? The restaurant itself is a great spot for photos with its brick walls, trees, and ivy. However, its prime location in Old Town allows brides and grooms to take scenic Old Town photos, such as in front of the Tower Bridge during sunset.

4. Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown – 300 J Street, Sacramento, Ca 95814

Holiday Inn may not even be on your radar for wedding venues, but Downtown Sacramento’s Holiday Inn is in an awesome location with an awesome view of the city. It is located on J street, so it is a minute walking distance from Old Town with easy access to parking for your guests. The simple reception hall is on the top floor and is designed with large windows overlooking downtown. (The food is also pretty darn good too!)

5. Beatnik Studio – 723 S St, Sacramento CA, 95811

I have to admit that I have never photographed a wedding at Beatnik Studios. But it is where I had my wedding! After looking at several venues I fell in love with Beatnik. We were actually one of the first couples to hold our wedding here after they had moved to a new location. Its brick walls and paintings give the place a a modern museum feel and the owner/staff work to make your wedding planning simple and easy.

6. The Vintage Monkey – 400 N 16th St, Sacramento, Ca 95811

The Vintage Monkey is a venue I have been keeping an eye on for the past year. It specializes in vintage motorcycle restorations in addition to providing a stunning venue for events. It is a vintage/urban venue that both the bride and groom can both get excited about.

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