Best Places for Engagement Photos in Sacramento

Sacramento has a great reputation for photography locations. Check out this list of some common, and not so common, places for your next photo shoot.

Most popular places in Sacramento to take photos:

1. William Land Regional Park (3800 W. Land Park Dr. Sacramento, CA 95822)

There’s good reason for this park being so popular with photographers. For one, it is green all-year-round, and unlike Folsom Powerhouse or the Rose Garden, there is no need to wait your turn to take photos because of how large the park is in addition to the surplus of shade that is available.

2. Old Town Sacramento

3. Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park (9980 Greenback Ln. Folsom Ca, 95630)

Folsom Power house is a very popular place because of its picturesque surroundings. However, due to its popularity and size it can seem a little busy with multiple photographers. When coming to this location try to pick a day and time that will allow you to avoid other photographers, such as weekday mornings.

4. California State Capitol (1317 15th St, Sacramento Ca, 95814)

One of the most popular places in Sacramento to take photos, the California State Capitol attracts photographers and weddings every weekend. There is no doubt that photographers are able to take some great photos here, especially during the golden hours. However, unless you plan to visit in the early morning, be prepared to wait to take your turn.

Uncommon places in Sacramento to take photos:

5. North Natomas Regional Park (2501 New Market Dr. Sacramento Ca, 95835)

The open areas surrounding the park are great for rural style portraits. Not only that, the open lots are located to the west so that great sunset photos are possible. However, this park has little shade so it is not ideal for photo taking at noon.

6. Elk Grove (Whitelock Pkwy, between Bruceville Rd & Big Horn Blvd.)

This may be the most random location on my list, but take a walk on Whitelock Pkwy and you’ll find an attractive sidewalk covered in vegetation and small bridges great for photos. Also, the road runs west to east so sunset photos are definitely a possibility.

7. Downtown Sacramento Murals (917 7th St. Sacramento Ca, 95814)

I love urban style photography, and I especially love bright colors, so I am a huge fan of Sacramento’s various murals. There are dozens of murals all throughout Sacramento, but Downtown has the most murals in walking distance from each other.

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